Rainbow Poochy - Amy's Story

Where it all began


Rainbow Poochy - Amy's Story - my name is Amy and I am a craft-aholic.

My journey started long before my business as I have had health issues since birth. I was born with a curvature of the spine and a wonky knee cap, plus i have sacroiliac joint displacement of the hip. I have a collective personality, my body has added PCOS, hypo-mobility and arthritis to the list plus i have symptoms of fibromyalgia.  So I never had it easy with my health, I spent most my life on meds and on and off crutches let alone in and out of wheelchairs. My mum, my nan, my beautiful aunt and my cousin were all crafters in one form or another. So over the years, they all taught me bits and pieces until I found my own way. My cousin taught me to cross-stitch at the age of 6 which i still do to this day. Nan and mum tried to teach to knit and crochet but unless you want a holy knotty mess, then I am not your girl!


I was taught to make dream catchers at the age of 14 by a shaman friend of mine. I was hooked over the years and I put my own spin on them but I also try to keep the traditional ways where I can, in the making process and moon soaking and storytelling part.

My First Crafty Business

However, my first crafty business that started came from my passion for paper.  I made cards and decoupaged items  and I also book folded.  This started as just making a few bits for my mum's charity work and I would give her the money to take  the old people of our village out for Christmas dinner. But then i met Sarah from Beach Hut Crafts she now is an awesome friend and supporter, she told me that my items were good enough to take to fairs and to sell (I laughed), however, I did a few here and there on days off from work.

Giving up Work

I was medically retired from work at 23 as my health was deteriorating and my doctor told me I had to stop working before my body finally gave up. I cried as I had never cried before, my husband (who I had only just started dating) put up with hell that month as I went through so many emotions. I was grumpy, sad, tired, angry and bored but he put up with it all and got me through it.  I threw my self into card making to distract my mind. Our flat was filling up with craft stuff and ready-made items. He told me to sell them and get out for a bit, so my mum trotted along and helped, she encouraged me and became my taxi. Deco chic was born somewhere between starting my very first business and falling pregnant. With my health issues, the 9 months weren't easy as my back and legs did not like the extra pressure. The last month and a half of my pregnancy I was bed-bound due to extra weight and health issues. However, I have a beautiful healthy 8 year old girl called Freyja and she is my reason to be my world my motivation.

[caption id="attachment_96352" align="aligncenter" width="238"]Rainbow Poochy - Amy's Story My gorgeous daughter - Freyja[/caption]

Deco Chic

Deco chic continued for 5 hardworking years but the 5th year was my worst as my health was taking another turn. I was back on sticks and  falling behind with orders,  I was struggling but you may have realised by this point I am little stubborn and I don't give up easily! So I struggled on for another year but financially I was now at a loss, stressed and confused about what to do next.

Fate had other Plans

My motorbike needed an MOT so a friend offered to take my sticks and show me how to get to the MOT place.

But the MOT wasnt to happen that day fate had other plans.

[caption id="attachment_96349" align="aligncenter" width="494"]Rainbow Poochy - Amy's Story My motorbike[/caption]

I got geared up got on my bike (which was a rare opportunity with my legs but I loved the freedom) I set on my way, looking forward to a cuppa with a friend and a passed MOT. I live just off a dual carriageway and I had just joined this road and I was getting up to speed when a van overtook me and just as he pulled back in front of me, a car in front of him stopped without warning. It was not the van drivers fault and I actually feel very sorry for him and what was about to happen. I had no time to break and what was a few seconds of my life felt like an eternity. I went into the back of the van and I flew into the air! The next thing I knew I was on the ground but as I was falling, I saw two people that I had  lost to what I call "the party in the sky". Whether they caught me and saved me or just appeared to let me know I was gonna be ok is mystery.


I remember lying on the ground, thinking this will hurt in the morning! I went to move but that was a big mistake, I tried to move my legs but I screamed out in pain, which was too much for me to bear.  I remember everyone panicking but my friend leigh was so calm and she called an ambulance and my hubby she never left my side. When the air ambulance landed I remember thinking it must be serious but I refused to fly. Little did i know it was above my head, as the morphine that had been give me by the ambulance crew  meant my husband could override this decision (thank goodness he did). He told them that I had a phobia of flying, so in true A-team style they sedated me. I came around just before landing at Addenbrookes hospital. In a helicopter, I was not amused fear had set in and I was panicking about our daughter who was still at school.

Rainbow Poochy - Amy's StoryJust like Mr T!

I remember seeing my husband and my mum in the trauma ward waiting for me. My hubby stayed by my side, whilst I was tested and prodded and poked. He was amazing and he kept me and my mum calm. The results came back and I had broke my pelvis in 5 places, they called it an open book fracture and if they took the support belt off my pelvis would escape my body. This meant surgery but due to my health issues I had to wait till a pelvic surgeon could see me the next morning.  I had a 7 hour surgery,  they had to file my rugby ball hip to fit in plates to fix me back together. The surgeons were amazing and did a very good job.

Rainbow Poochy - Amy's StoryHubby took this photo, I may forgive him one day!

My amazing husband was there the minute i came round. The next day physio started and they had no choice but to move the hips before they set. The pain was in indescribable. Not long after this, my stats dropped and I was rushed to the ICU for a week.  The physio started again and when I was strong enough to be moved six weeks later, I was admitted to my local hospital.  A couple of weeks after that, I was allowed home to a hospital bed which I  I spent the next 8months in recovering.  My rock of a husband stayed by my side and was so amazing, along with my friends and my family. At this point, a special thanks goes to my best friend she was amazing; Charlotte looked after me to give Peter a break, she was more than supportive, to my family, to me and to my daughter.

Whilst I was in hospital I made the decision to close down Deco Chic.

Rainbow Poochy was Born

Me being me, boredom set in as there is only so much cross stitch you can do in a day while watching day time TV. Then the day that really changed my perspective on life and gave me big push in right direction.

One day when my daughter was at school and I was in the worse pain that I had ever been in since the operation, I was crying and screaming for my mum wishing the morphine would work. Then the school taxi pulled up so I tried to pull my self together and be strong for her sake but as like all children she knew that I wasn't right. She gave me a hug and said words which i will never forget, she told me she was gonna grow. I replied with "that's what children do when they are sleeping." She said, "no mum I am going to grow my legs and give them to so you are free from pain".

I melted and I held her so tight, I never wanted to let her go through the ups downs hat this kid had over last few months, not really knowing what was going on and if her mummy would walk again. Her daddy was tired and worn out. Her auntie Charlotte was her absolute rock, but that day she showed me how kind-hearted and amazing she is. It was at that moment I knew that I had to buck up my ideas and find something to do again. I sat spoke with Pete and we spoke bout me starting another business.

I started researching crafts that wouldn't cause me pain, so I picked up a dream catcher and started making again. I loved it. My friends from Apt Engraving even offered to take them to there trade events. They started selling very quickly and she kept texting me to tell me that she needed more. Then came that spark to get me into crafting again, my mojo was back! I found duct tape crafts and decoden crafts, all of which I could do without pain. We started talking about business names and I had always had rainbow hair and was often known by 'rainbow girl', so rainbow had to be in there somewhere. I had also made dog toys for friends while in my bed and I wanted to do more so we came up with Rainbow Poochy. I launched the business officially in November 2018.

In the January i stumbled across a post on a craft page recommending a new selling platform called Heartizan, so I joined the group to find out more. This was amazing for me, they helped my business grow so much in my first year.

I am now a multi-award winning business and the only way is up, as long as it is not in a helicopter!

Please have a look at my shop too and let me know what you think of my new 3D dreamcatchers too!


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