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Sellers FAQ


How much does it cost?

It only costs £40 a year to set up a shop and there are no other fees or a contract. However if you close your shop, you will not get a refund. We have set up an affordable, responsive and well optimised selling platform so that any creative business can start selling quickly and effectively.   

 The only fees you will need to pay are your Paypal or Stripe fees which are taken at the source and not via Shop Handmade.


What are your subscription packages?

Annual - £40 per year 

What happens after I register my shop?

You will receive an email (please check your spam) to inform you that you need to verify your account. There is a link to click on and you will then be congratulated on setting up your account.

You will find lots of information on setting up your shop within the Shop Handmade Help group, with videos and PDFs. 

 How will I get paid for my sales?

You will receive your money though PayPal or Stripe (depending on customers merchant choice) you will need to have an account for both.

How do customers pay?

Customers can pay via Paypal or Stripe?

Can a customer leave me a note?  

Yes you can do this via your shop and the listing. You will receive an email direct to you and there will be a message in your sellers account.

How many images can I upload?

You can upload as many images as you like, please make sure your images are not blurred and that they look clean and crisp. 

What sizes are the image for my shop?


For best results, upload a square logo and the preferred dimensions are 150 x 150 pixels

Cover Image

Preferred dimensions are 2000 x 500 pixels


Link to an external resource, such as Vimeo or Youtube.

Can I download the CSV file from Etsy to import to my Shop Handmade shop?

You can import and export from your seller dashboard. You will have to manually upload your images. 

Can I sell patterns, downloads or files?

Yes there is a function where you can download files and digital files in your dashboard. This is in the "add a product" section.

What can I sell on the Marketplace?

Our Marketplace is for the sale of handmade/handcrafted goods only, please ask in the group if you need any clarification. We have a strict no copyright rule, if you have the rights to sell any music (copyright), images or patterns (design infringement) then please state this clearly on your listing.

 Is there a contract or can I cancel at anytime?

There is no contract and you can cancel at any time, there are no cancellation fees and you can do this through your dashboard.  

How do I know when I have sold an item?

You will be notified by email, this will include your sale and the customers details. Your sale can also be found on your dashboard.

Do you have a Facebook Group?

Yes our group is

We have threads so that you can promote your products, shops, network and learn. 

 Are there any PDF's or videos that can help me list my products?

Yes please join our help group here -

 You can access these in the files and you can also contact members of the team directly too. Please bear in mind they may take up to 24 hours to reply (it usually takes a lot less longer during week days).

How do I contact the team?

You can email here -

Or we can be found within the help group here -

What are the categories?

The Home

Letterbox Deals



For Her

For Him

The Garden

Mother's Day

New Arrivals

The Arts



Craft Supplies

Digital Downloads

Cards & Stationery 

Baby & Child


Eco Friendly


These are subject to change.


Please also read our Sellers Terms and Conditions here -

If you have any further questions or queries please reach out to us in the help group or via the email address above. 





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